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UA Horizon

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Under Armour has fast become an industry leader in the sport of trail running, sponsoring elite endurance athletes like Cameron Hanes while he competes in events like the Moab 240 – a 238 mile foot race through Utah’s Canyonlands. Admittedly I’m no Hanes, but run enough miles to stay fit through the Michigan winters. Running outdoors year-round here means constantly fighting packed snow, ice, and wet pavement. We’re not even through January, and 2018 has shown us all three. If you’re looking for a new trail or winter running shoe, give these a look. So far, they’re fantastic.

- Midsole: Full-length EVA midsole, patented “charged” foam in heel.

- Outsole: Aggressive/durable rubber lug.

- Uppers: Various synthetic materials for protection & ventilation. Gusseted tongue.

- Weight: 12 oz.

- Price: $109

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