About us 


Our 'Why'

Throughout history, never has the working adult been more equipped for success than we are today. Yet, despite all our advancements, technology, and material abundance we've never been more miserable.

Demands from the workplace carry straight to the home, giving no yield for pause. Our social landscape, shaped by likes and follows fuels unhealthy comparison. Counterfeit relationships leave us feeling cheap and empty. We fill up burgeoning calendars, but leave no room for personal rest or play. Living in the present has been relegated to some old-time thing of the past. We bolster up to fight over, what, in hindsight could be laughable, drawing hard, polarizing lines which tragically divide. Many of our leaders aren't leading at all. Suffice to say as a whole, we aren't well. The consequences for all this are simply too heavy to ignore.  

In 2017, we launched our podcast, spreading our message of "adventure as medicine" as a trusted path to wellness to a world-gone-mad. Adventure Deficit exists to shed light on adventure as a valuable tool for growth. It's a canvas for character and an effective means for reshaping the building blocks of our broken society, starting with the individual.

Our mission is for you to identify your own adventure deficit, and inspire the remedy. It's so good, we call it medicine! Let's go!


The Community


We arrive with various stories. Some run in the snow, others run from it. We’re climbers and paddlers, fly-casters and peak baggers. We're the down-homers who swap coveralls for camouflage, and uptowners who ditch boardrooms for bike trails. We're students of adventure, and the growth it holds for development, character and overall wellness. We can't wait for you to join us!


All our content is listed on the homepage. Each podcast features an adventure and life-lesson sure to inspire. Our blog offers short stories, gear reviews, and videos. If you're nearby our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, join us for a skills workshop, and learn from a variety of outdoor adventuring diciplines alongside new friends. Our guided trips are expertly facilitated to maximize growth through adventure. Ask about custom trips, we have a variety of resources to meet your groups needs. Push yourself. Overcome obstacles. Break through fears and get out there in search of your own adventures!

#CombatTheDeficit! We identify with those who participate; we’re doers – Roosevelt’s folks “In the Arena”. Despite our best preparations, adventure forces the un-rehearsed. It requires us to think, assess, collaborate and implement new methods, mostly on-the-spot. Sometimes we conquer, other times we fail, but we stay in the fight and the lessons commence. This is how we “CombatTheDeficit”.

#TakeYourMedicine! Adventure takes us to the most wild and scenic places, where beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of both awe and “ahhh”. We’re literally re-creating, hitting reset, and filling ourselves with something pure, natural, and good. It’s so undeniably restorative, we call it “taking our medicine”, and encourage you to get out there and do the same. Be sure to tag us!

The Founder


Drew De Vries


My earliest and some of my fondest memories involve outdoor recreation. It's been a central platform for growth throughout my life. At age three, my parents strapped me into my first pair of skis. In grade school, Grandpa taught me to shoot and fly cast. An older cousin exposed me to western rivers, prompting a move to guide whitewater trips during college. 

I hold a Bachelor's in Community Recreation, and a professional background including leadership in both business and ministry. My edge for adventure coupled with an enterprising spirit, and big heart for people makes A.D. my dream job.    

As a husband and father to three, life is busy. I head to wild spaces for personal wellness. Whether I'm biking, backpacking, paddling or chasing big game, adventure brings me to present. It provides balance to this whirlwind life. It reaffirms my skills, exposes God's splendor, and improves my perspective. Adventure's my medicine!



We like people, and we like products! The following are companies with whom we entrust our business. We're not here to push anything, and our mindset is quite simple. We work with people we like, offering products we like, reliably enabling us to take our medicine. What's not to like? 



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