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Our 'why'

We've become programed - affixed to our screens and beholden to a way of life which isn't sustainable, or desirable, even. Our wellness is at stake. Something's got to give.


In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Adventure offers opportunities for connection. It a salve for the soul, and personal growth awaits all who heed its call. 

In 2017 we launched a podcast spreading our message"adventure as medicine" to a culture in need of a re-set. We share epic stories highlighting the depth of humanity from the wildest places. These are available free of charge, wherever you get your podcasts.

We've since grown to offer a variety of exciting content and experiences, all serving to catalyze your growth through outdoor adventure.


So, to all you work-wearied leaders yearning for a big gulp of fresh air, we're here. To you employers, employees, tired moms, dutiful dads, or anyone searching for more than what the rat-race offers - step off the hamster wheel for a while, and break free from the noise.

Whether you're after inspiration or renewed perspective, a gear recommendation or good story, this is your place. It's all here, and it's so good, we call it medicine! 



The Community



Adventure's all about variety, and we've found no better way to explore it than through people and their stories.


Some of our storytellers run in the snow, and others run from it. Each carry a unique story. Hear from climbers, paddlers, fly-casters, and peak baggers, while Drew pulls out the most intricate details. Listen to down-homers share tales of swapping coveralls for camouflage, or uptowners uncovering details behind ditching boardrooms for bike trails.


These are stories which bring richness and bold flavor to life! Try one on!


Every episode comes packed full of adventure, and offers a life-changing lesson you might ponder and apply to your own story.

To sample some favorites, tune into Adventure Deficit wherever you get your podcasts.


Concierge, a la carte trips


We work with churches, corporations, and non-profits to plan and facilitate adventure trips.


Areas of focus include team-building, leadership development, retreats, and spiritual-formation. 


Our professional staff and partners work together to maximize your growth through adventure.


Trips can be built around a specific discipline like kayaking, mountain biking, or backpacking, and paired with content specific to your focus.  


Call or write for a free consultation, we can't wait to help with your next adventure!

#CombatTheDeficit! We identify with those who participate; we’re doers – Roosevelt’s folks “In the Arena”. Despite our best preparations, adventure forces the un-rehearsed. It requires us to think, assess, collaborate and implement new methods, mostly on-the-spot. Sometimes we conquer, other times we fail, but we stay in the fight and the lessons commence. This is how we “CombatTheDeficit”.

#TakeYourMedicine! Adventure takes us to the most wild and scenic places, where beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of both awe and “ahhh”. We’re literally re-creating, hitting reset, and filling ourselves with something pure, natural, and good. It’s so undeniably restorative, we call it “taking our medicine”, and encourage you to get out there and do the same. Be sure to tag us!


the team

Drew De Vries - Founder


My earliest and fondest memories involve outdoor recreation. It's been a central platform for growth throughout my life. At age three, my parents strapped me into my first pair of skis. In grade school, my Grandpa taught me to shoot and fly cast. An older cousin exposed me to western rivers, prompting a move to guide whitewater trips during college. 


I hold a Bachelor's in Community Recreation, and a professional background in various roles within the Outdoor Industry. With my knack for story, love for people, and an unyielding edge for adventure, A.D. is my dream job!    


As a husband and father to three, life's busy. If I'm not interviewing guests, editing, demoing gear, or with my family, then I'm chasing down incredible adventures to share with you all. For this, I head to wild spaces, and improves my well-being.


Whether I'm biking, backpacking, paddling or chasing big game, adventure's my muse. It brings me into the present. It provides perspective, reaffirms skills, and exposes God's splendor. 


Adventure is my medicine. Come join me, and take yours, too!




Jared Rogers - Partner/Producer

I cut my teeth creek'n on the back forty. Fond memories, of playing Davy Crockett with my best friend and our trusty Daisy's, riding my Honda XR100 and exploring the countryside until dark or dinner bell, whichever came first. I'm a self-described Weekend Warrior. If it comes with two wheels I'm all about it, especially when it comes to racing dirt bikes and mountain bikes. 


After college, I became immersed in all things audio/video, taking my passion into practice in various roles. Today I'm a husband to Nicole, my beautiful wife of five years, and we enjoy raising our contagiously-curious two-year old son, Elijah. 


Whether getting off-grid on a solo or heading out on group retreat, I - like so many other men, oftentimes find myself craving God's country. Wilderness allows me to get balanced, reconnected, and rejuvenated. It allows me to more fully pour back into what matters most back home.


Pairing up with Drew and Adventure Deficit brings exciting continuation for these passions and skills. My technical, process-driven background, combined with his passionate and creative mind, brings incredible possibilities to A.D, and I can't wait to see where we take this thing together!


Getting out on a trail, crag, or lakeshore will shift your perspective in a monumental way. I truly believe Adventure Deficit is fulfilling a huge need for men in all walks of life. To me, this is its bread and butter. Take Your Medicine!   



We like people, and we like products! The following are companies with whom we entrust our business. We're not here to push, but when we discover people we like, offering products we like, reliably enabling us to take our medicine - we'll tell you. What's not to like? 



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