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Over a decade ago, while living and hunting in the Mountain West, I began binge-watching the show, Meateater, featuring outdoorsman Steven Rinella. This self-narrated, multi-season series creatively displays both Steve’s command over English, along with his knowledge of hunting and conservation. It’s an amalgam of natural science, philosophy, witty banter, friendship, and culinary inspiration.

With hunting at it’s core, Meateater is a giant skillet of hook-and-bullet Americana.

Rinella and his team run the gamut of wild game adventures, shooting with precision and potting everything from Squirrels in the Midwest to exotics in South Texas..

Steve had me hooked from the get. His unabashedly-nasally “a’s” led to the proven intuition that he was indeed a fellow Michigander. Once verified, I said to my wife, “Some day, I’ll meet that guy!”

Fast-forward and a few turns later, the extraordinary unraveled…