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Backpacking Stoves

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


A handful of reputable brands come to mind when selecting a backpacking stove, all of which will adequately provide a means to a hot meal on the trail. In general, they’re reliable, compact, and produce enough heat to boil a quart of water somewhere inside 5 minutes. From here, a variety of different styles come into play, along with several considerations to help identify the right pairing of stove to your style of adventure.

If travelling by plane, TSA restricts all forms of fuel, requiring it be located from the destination city. Will it be available? Or how will cooking be done, solo-style or for a group? Does this trip include peak-bagging in alpine environs, or camping below 12,000 feet? Do you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the refined – the type who appreciates a well developed process, or are you a fan of the straightforward – Ron Popiel, “Set it and forget it” method?

Such pondering! Such consideration! Ahhh – listen closely, to the universal chorus of gear junkies everywhere, humming abuzz at the excitement of so many great options, and the prospect of acing the pre-trip pack list. Options abound – and this, my fellow gear folks, is great news. Below are three types of backpacking stoves to the test to show a few highlights, including hits and misses for each. A big thanks to our partners over at Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus for providing these. They’re all available, along with several other models online or in-house. Be sure to use coupon code “AD2018” at checkout to receive 10% off.